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How to stop global warming

Well it makes as it pretty obvious that the decline in global piracy is the cause of global warming.

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Green ideas must take blame for deaths

An interesting article from the Sydney Morning Herald on the recent bushfires, which echoes rather more baldly the opinion I’ve heard elsewhere. Green ideas must take blame for deaths

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Snow? In South East England?

Surely some mistake? Can someone explain this global warming thing again?

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Explain this Global Warming Thing Again

This picture was taken in Berkshire, on the 7th April.  This is the most snow we’ve seen all year.  In April? Global Warming?  I don’t believe it.  It’s just a scam dreamt up by people who think we should all

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Global Cooling???

No, really. As reported here,  anecdotal evidence for global cooling has increased, and now the latest data from the main sources of global climate data backs this up: over the past year, the global temperature has dropped by between 0.65

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Porsche Challenge CONgestion Charge

I’m pleased to see that Porsche have been brave enough to challenge the CONgestion charge that Ken Leninstone is proposing to increase to punitive measures in London. Of course, this will spread.  To other citites, and to smaller engines, until

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Act on CO2

There’s an awful lot of hype out there on CO2, and it’s contribution to global warming. Personally, I’m in favour of the evidence that suggests that increased atmospheric CO2 is the PRODUCT of global warming, not the cause. Judge for

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Global Warming?

From, this article is one of a series. Just last week, the fourth United Nations International Panel on Climate Change report was issued to mass media hysteria. Some of the quotes from this series of articles are priceless: “the

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