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Well said, that man!

Peter Sissons has been a BBC newsreader for as long as I can remember.

He’s recently retired, and in a Daily Mail article, has left a fairly damning criticism of the BBC.  While they still make some of the best documentaries in the world, bar none, the organisation has clearly been taken over by the PC brigade.

This is a sad trend that too many organisations are following.  Political Correctness is, like many good things in life, being turned into a force for bad.  It’s turning into something scarily reminiscent of Orwell’s 1984. 

We need a new word.  One that describes the context of respect for the fellow man, but allows the individual space for their own views as well.  I run into this dilemma often in my views on religion.  I genuinely can’t understand how any sensible person in the 21st century can believe in a god.  I really can’t.  But it’s hard to make this point without it being offensive – especially by today’s hyper-sensitive standards.

We need a new word.  One that allows for free thought, free expression of opinions, and respect of the opinions of others.  There’s room for all of us. 

We need to allow the Muslims to practice their religion, but fight against those who would bring down the Western society. 

We need to allow Christians to pray and to sing, but to laugh at those who fail to accept Darwinism as a factual model of how our world came to be.

No, we already have that word.  It’s called Freedom.  It comes with a price.  The price is being fired for being crap at your job.  The price is not being paid for time taken out to pray, or to smoke.  The price is being laughed at when you can’t defend your views in rational terms.

But we should all have the freedom to express our views, be they political, religious, atheist, or just plain insane.  And we should express those views without violence, intimidation, or legal threats, and without the fear of the same in retaliation.

Freedom.  It comes with a price. One we should all be prepared to pay.

The States formerly known as the bible belt

From the New York Times.

Two months after the local atheist organization here put up a billboard saying “Don’t Believe in God? You Are Not Alone,” the group’s 13 board members met in Laura and Alex Kasman’s living room to grapple with the fallout.

The problem was not that the group, the Secular Humanists of the Lowcountry, had attracted an outpouring of hostility. It was the opposite. An overflow audience of more than 100 had showed up for their most recent public symposium, and the board members discussed whether it was time to find a larger place.

And now parents were coming out of the woodwork asking for family-oriented programs where they could meet like-minded nonbelievers.

Full story here.

Merry Christmas

Christmas is about Santa Claus, Reindeer, mulled wine, turkey with all the trimming, presents for the people you love, and crap songs on the radio.

So why do the Americans insist on wishing each other “Happy Holidays” instead of just admitting that December 25th has nothing to do with Christianity apart from the catholic church moving their religious festivals to coincide with pre-existing festivals in northern Europe.

Merry Christmas to you all, and best wishes for a happy, healthy, wealthy and wise 2008.

The world is going insane

First of all, the news that a British church has banned a toddler’s yoga group because it “promotes an alternative spirituality”.   This prompts several observations:

  • Toddler’s yoga? I’m sorry, but you’ve got to be at least a teenager to appreciate what you’re doing in yoga or any other similar discipline.
  • Who needs paying customers when you can always bleed the faithful for the money to maintain the property?  Oh, of course, every church in the land because people are seeing sense and not going to church any more.

Secondly, from the WSJ Online, stories of men walking past lone children in tears, for fear of being cast as a predator.   The same article points out that 4 scout leaders are required to organise any outing, so that if a child is taken ill, two people can take the child back and there’s never a child alone with a single adult.  What if a second child is taken ill?

The current witch-hunt against paedophiles is reminiscent of the days of the Salem Witches.  Yes, paedophiles are evil.  But when innocent people fear to help in case their motives are mistaken, we’ve gone too far.

And finally, I just got some phone-spam from American Express.  Offering me an optional benefit from my account.  Excuse me, if you’re charging me for it, it’s not a benefit, it’s a service.  If you can’t at least be honest about the fact that you’re trying to sell me something, you’re a con merchant.  Simple as that.

Too funny for words

This is one of the funniest things I’ve read all year. (Via Pharyngula)

J. Christ: “Hey guys. I’m back, just like I promised. Have I missed much?”

Pope: “Oh, not a lot. Just two thousand years of war, death and persecution in your name. The Spanish Inquisition was fucking ace.”

Archbishop of Canterbury: “We burned loads of Catholics for you. God, I LOLed.”

J. Christ: “What? You did what?”