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Andy’s guide to the UK General Election

For anyone else like me struggling to decide which thief to entrust with representing their views for the next year,  I’ve decided to summarise the situation as I see it.  It won’t necessarily shed any light on the subject, but will, at least, make you realise why people get apathetic about politics.

Labour will take all your money and give it to the poor.  Conservative will take all your money and waste it.  And I still haven’t forgiven the LibDems for Charles Kennedy saying ““My priority is to get people out of cars and on to public transport”.

So we’re down to the minor parties.    You can’t vote BNP if you actually have a functioning conscience. And you can’t vote for the Green party if you think our lives are better now than they were in 1543 — which is about the technology level they’d have us return to.  And you have to ask whether the UKIP have the credibility to even be considered a half-way sensible protest vote.

The worst thing is the apathy from the parties.  I’ve had exactly ONE canvasser knock on my door in the run up to the current election – and at least he had the honesty to admit that canvassing for the Conservatives in the seat formerly held by the man who put the “con” in “Conservative” was proving a thankless task.  “Do you really expect me to vote for you when your last candidate claimed the expenses of running a second home twice over, especially when half the population of the constituency commutes into London on a daily basis at their own expense?”

I’m with the Monster Raving Loony Party on that one.  Line up some caravans on the lawns at Westminster for theose who aren’t prepared to commute at their own expense.  I actually wish we had an MRLP candidate just so I could say I was voting for him/her because they make more sense than the serious parties!

Perhaps I should have stood for the “Sack The Lot” party.  On a platform of donating the salary above the national wage to charity and not claiming expenses other than a season ticket into London, I think I’d at least keep my deposit.

So, given that none of the parties are actually credible, but that I believe you should vote, I’m left with choosing the candidate least likely to be elected with policies that aren’t actually vile and detestable.  Oh wait, that’d be the Labour party.  I think I’ll just stay in bed until it’s all over.

Well said, that man!

Peter Sissons has been a BBC newsreader for as long as I can remember.

He’s recently retired, and in a Daily Mail article, has left a fairly damning criticism of the BBC.  While they still make some of the best documentaries in the world, bar none, the organisation has clearly been taken over by the PC brigade.

This is a sad trend that too many organisations are following.  Political Correctness is, like many good things in life, being turned into a force for bad.  It’s turning into something scarily reminiscent of Orwell’s 1984. 

We need a new word.  One that describes the context of respect for the fellow man, but allows the individual space for their own views as well.  I run into this dilemma often in my views on religion.  I genuinely can’t understand how any sensible person in the 21st century can believe in a god.  I really can’t.  But it’s hard to make this point without it being offensive – especially by today’s hyper-sensitive standards.

We need a new word.  One that allows for free thought, free expression of opinions, and respect of the opinions of others.  There’s room for all of us. 

We need to allow the Muslims to practice their religion, but fight against those who would bring down the Western society. 

We need to allow Christians to pray and to sing, but to laugh at those who fail to accept Darwinism as a factual model of how our world came to be.

No, we already have that word.  It’s called Freedom.  It comes with a price.  The price is being fired for being crap at your job.  The price is not being paid for time taken out to pray, or to smoke.  The price is being laughed at when you can’t defend your views in rational terms.

But we should all have the freedom to express our views, be they political, religious, atheist, or just plain insane.  And we should express those views without violence, intimidation, or legal threats, and without the fear of the same in retaliation.

Freedom.  It comes with a price. One we should all be prepared to pay.

What no water canon?

“A FORMER police officer now living in Italy says Italians are bewildered by TV coverage of the G20 rioting in London and its aftermath. They marvel at the level of restraint shown by the police and find it unbelievable that no tear gas, baton charges or water-cannon were used.

They wonder why we focus endlessly on the handful of officers who, under pressure, go beyond what is acceptable, but ignore the thousands of others who stand there, getting stuck in the leg with pins and nails, kicked mercilessly out of sight of the cameras.”

‘Nuff said, as they say.

Boris Johnson – a change for London, or Ken Leninstone with floppy hair?

You have to wonder whether Boris will actually stick to anything he’s talked about.  I see that Transport for London (one assumes this name is ironic since they seem to be its biggest obstacle) are still trying to curry favour for extending the Kengestion charge westwards.

I don’t go to London any more if I can avoid it.  West End theatre trips are a rarity.  If I need to go on a training course I find a vendor with a training centre in the Thames Valley.

So please, Boris, tell TfL to sod off and stp demanding money for menances.  I pay the government too much to use my car as it is.

Dear Gordon Brown

We live in a country with over-immigration, youths whose only qualification on leaving school is an ASBO, spiraling oil prices, punitive taxation, appalling public transport, and over-stretched public services.

So what do I find you’re most worried about?

It seems it’s how I carry home my shopping.

You are the worst kind of micro manager, obsessing about the little issues with no regard for the wider problems facing the country.  You extract ever increasing amounts of taxation (income tax started at sixpence in the pound, what are you doing with the other 38%?) , jump from bandwagon to bandwagon, giving little or no thought as to how to make the lives of the people of Britain better and more prosperous.

The only thing that’s even more shameful is that the Conservatives can’t even field a credible opponent to your woeful inadequacy.

Creating a legal obligation to reduce congestion

An important piece of draft legislation currently before parliament will, if it becomes law, require local authorities and police forces to act so as to minise traffic delays.  Hopefully this will mean the end of the M4 bus lane, and a re-write of the road traffic accident investigation manual, which currently treats an accident as a crime scene, and gives no priority to the thousands who are inconvenienced.

I’ve written to my MP asking him to support this and received a favourable response.  I encourage UK readers to do the same.

More Anti-4×4 Bias from the BBC

Once again the BBC writes an article where there’s unnecessary emphasis on the driver in the wrong driving a 4×4.

This article mentions “Range Rover” four times. The fact that the driver of the vehicle was suspected of being under the influence is mentioned only once, and the fact that the victim was illegally driving a quad-bike on the road whilst underage and therefore with no licence or insurance is only mentioned once.

It must be heart-breaking to lose a child at Christmas. Doubly so when it’s your own fault.

Oh, and the article adds insult to injury by referring to Brake as a road safety charity, when in fact they are an anti-car propaganda movement.

Speed Cameras cause accidents

Those of us who understand road safety, rather than using it to promote anti-car claptrap, already know this.

What’s the first thing you do when you see a scamera?  Take you eyes off the road, look at the speedo, and hit the brakes just in case you’d slipped a few mph over the limit.

See what happens when people do that?


We’ve got to get these idiots off the roads, folks.

Thanks to Barrie from Bridgend for the photo.