I am a Network Security Engineer, 4×4 driver, rock music fan, and Terry Pratchett fan.

When not at work, driving a car, or fixing a computer, I’m usually drinking beer!

Calendar of 4×4 Events I’m planning to attend – get in touch if you want to get covered in mud!

  • May 5th – TV4x4 at Broxhead Common, near Alton
  • May 20th – TV4x4 Training Day – no co-driver needed
  • June 3rd – TV4x4 Avon Dassett, nr Banbury
  • June 30/July 1st- TV4x4 Rally, passenger seat is booked.
  • Sun 5th August – TV4x4 at Broxhead Common, near Alton
  • Sun 2nd September – TV4x4 at Avon Dasset nr Banbury
  • Sun 7th October – TV4x4 at Taplow
  • Sun 2nd Dec – TV4x4 Brick Kiln Farm, Nr Farnham

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