Aperture Confusion

I realised disk space on the Mac was filling up rather faster than expected, and after some investigation I found a couple of culprits.  First of all, iTunes was set to copy files into the iTunes Media folder when found, so storing a second copy of all my media files.

That was fairly easily sorted, but the bigger problem was that when I’d originally imported all of my pictures into iPhoto, and then shared the iPhoto Library with Aperture, iPhoto had sneakily done that by coping all those images – so Aperture was, mostly, working Managed, not Referenced.  

The workflow to sort this out was, after some trial and error, as follows:

  • Select group of Projects in Aperture (they are grouped by year)
  • File->Relocate Originals to put them in an Aperture sub-directory of the original folder.
  • find Aperture -exec touch {} \; to update the timestamp on the newly created files, because Gemini couldn’t work out which files to keep
  • Run Gemini on the folder, tell it to keep the newest files, and go.

Oh, and full marks to Gemini as a neat, cheap, file de-duplication program.  £2.99 from the App Store, and it’s gained my 200Gb of disk space and counting.  I also used Disk Inventory X to gain some insight into where space was being used to start with.  Both of which I found from tips at LifeHacker.com.

I still have some cleanup to do on the original directories, but that’s not taking up much space in comparison with 90Gb of images – which, stored three times (in the file system, in the library, and in the backup Vault) was something of a disk space hog. 

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