IKA Logic ScanStudio Software on MacOS

Playing around with various digital circuits I was pleased to discover the IKALogic ScanaLogic logic analyser for not a lot of money, largely because your PC gets to do the heavy lifting.

However, I did run into some problems running the Scanstudio software under Parallels Desktop 8 on my Mac.  It turns out that the problem is with the DirectX support in parallels.    The problem is that if you import one of the example waveforms, or   try to show a decoded capture, it doesn’t display properly, as shown.

Screenshot 29 12 2012 18 18


The workaround is to shut down the VM, open the Parallels hardware settings, and disable 3D Acceleration.


Screenshot 29 12 2012 18 20

One that’s done, the traces appear properly:


Screenshot 29 12 2012 18 23

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