OK, I’ve given in to the fruity goodness

I’ve given in.

After my first iPod was replaced under warranty 4 times in 2 years, and died again just out of warranty, I went on a bit of an anti-apple phase.  Which was exacerbated when I realised I couldn’t play any of the music I’d bought for the iPod on any other player.  Since then I have an iPod nano for portable music, which I’ve been rather more impressed with.

I deliberately didn’t get an iPhone – at the time I was happy with my WM6 phone.   Then corporate policies forced me down the Blackberry route, and while it’s an excellent tool it’s not a fun personal gadget so I got my own phone, and after looking seriously at the iPhone ended up with a HTC Desire.

But after looking at several eBook readers I came to the conclusion that it was going to be another device – and battery charger – to add to the netbook,  media player, and mobile phone that I take on any kind of trip.  Then I figured the iPad would do all of these things, so I’ve ordered one.  I’ll be selling the Netbook and Creative media player once it arrives – sometime the week after next as it seems Apple deem fir to take my order three days ago and ship it in 10 days time.

Not the best first impression in this day of instant gratification.  I expect same day ship from Internet companies these days.

Edit: they’ve improved the delivery date and allegedly it’s on a UPS truck somewhere near here.  I shall resist the temptation to keep refreshing the tracking page every 30 seconds.  Not so shabby after all.

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