What I want from an ebook reader

I’m considering getting an ebook reader and I’m finding the technology hasn’t quite matured yet.  My specification list:

  • Should fold to the size and weight of a paperback book.  Max 1.5″ thick when folded.
  • Opens out to reveal two screens with the size and resolution of a printed page in full colour.
  • Readable from bright sunlight to a dark room.
  • Global 3G and Wifi Access for ~ £2.50/month for downloading new books.
  • Ability to trade in back catalog of paper books for non-DRM ebook versions at zero cost.
  • Oh, and no DRM on downloads either.  If I bought it, it’s mine for life.
  • Should run for ~40hrs of reading (without backlight) on a single charge.
  • 24 hr replacement if it fails in the first 3 years.
  • Page redraw ~0.1 seconds.

Come on guys.  I’m not asking much. I’d pay £15/month for unlimited data if it was a general purpose device like an iPad into the bargain.

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