Buddipole vs Superantennas

At the last meeting of the Hog’s Back ARC we did a brief comparison of the Buddipole and Superantennas MP-1 dipole.  Nothing scientific, but a few things from working side by side: 


  • Setup times similar for both.
  • MP-1 is a little larger when packed and heavier, but not enough to be a problem on most /p operations.
  • Buddipole seemed to tune quicker, but more fiddly to set tuning with clips on coil.
  • When assembled the MP-1 was significantly larger.
  • Received Signals were about 10-15dB higher on the MP-1 on 40m.  (S9 vs almost S9+20)
  • Transmitted signals didn’t seem to be getting out well on either antenna, but this matched our expectation that they would perform best on 20m and up.
Both of us went away happy with our respective purchases…. 




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