Photography Dilemma

When I got my Canon 400D a year ago, the intention was to have a minimal travel camera that had the option of having some more sophisticated accessories for less portable times.

To be honest my initial purchase of the camera and a 28-135mm lens (along with the “kit” lens of 18-55) has been excellent value and I’ve taken lots of pictures with it in the last year or so.

The biggest limitation turned out to be the built in flash.  There were three occasions in as many weeks recently when I’d wished I had a “proper” flash to light up a larger area, and so I decided into invest in a flashgun.  After much deliberation I went for the top of the range Canon 580EX II and the external mounting bracket.

There whole combination is fairly weighty – I wouldn’t like to drag around a 1D with that lot – but it does elevate the 400D into being a pro-looking camera that I can use anywhere.

I also want to increase the zoom options for the lens, both at the wide and telephoto ends of the scale.

For the wide end I’m looking at the Canon 10-22mm or the comparable Tamron.

For the telephoto end there are a couple of options but not much that’s a good compromise between price and performance.  For the longer zoom I really want Image Stabilisation, and Canon’s near-silent USM makes a big different in usability and feel.

Most likely option is the 70-300mm IS USM, though another option is to go with their new 18-200mm lens which would make a fantastic travel lens (just take the one).

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