An ex-parrot?

Hmpf.  Not impressed.

I have a rather excellent Windows Mobile phone – the vodaphone 1605.  Apart from fairly limited battery life when set up to synchronise e-mail (it has to get charged every night), I’ve been very pleased with it.

I’ve been using the “Black Dymond” ROM for some time and have been having issues with the keyboard, so I thought I’d try the latest “Black Satin” from the same developer.  Upgrade went smoothly, and because I’ve largely done away with the collection of software updates, the only configuration was to point it back at the company e-mail server and away I go.

Great, keyboard issues fixed, but now the phone won’t pair reliably with the car kit – a Parrot CK3100.

OK, try a different ROM – this time the “Schap 4.30” ROM.  Very nice.  Very purple, but lots of toys.   Keyboard still works great.  No dice on the parrot.  Latest Radio upgrade – not a happy parrot.

Googling shows lots of reports of problems, but not much use.  The phone still pairs with the Jawbone headset, so it’s obviously not the phone, so I try upgrading the parrot instead to their latest firmware.

Leave it in the car upgrading while I nip into the house, come back and it says “upgrade completed”.  Parrot display is blank.  Leave it for a couple of minutes, still blank.  Turn the ignition off and on again, and eventually it comes up and displays “NO SIGNAL”.

Great. It’s officially an ex parrot.  It has ceased to be.  It’s shuffled off this mortal coil and joined the bleeding choir invisible!  I’ve heard lots of horror tales about failed firmware upgrades in the past, and I’ve done dozens of such upgrades myself, and this is the first one that’s completely failed.

Some 20 hours after mailing their support desk, I get an automated reply from parrot telling me how important my enquiry is, and they’ll try to get back to me in three days.  A bit more googling leads me to Just Car Kits, who replied to my e-mail in about 2 minutes suggesting either a serial cable or their reprogramming service.  So the cable is on it’s way  – will this be the end of the saga?  Do I dare try WM6.1 as an upgrade after all this?

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