Sometimes the photo opportunity is literally in the palm of your hand


I’m in the US on business right now, and had some time to kill in Boston this weekend. I decided to spend part of the morning wandering around Boston common taking pictures. I had a great time, which lead to some introspection. It’s very easy to think that being on your own means you have less interaction with other people, but I spoke to several people during that morning that I’d probably never have taken the time to speak to otherwise.

First up was this guy, singing along “Spare change, can anyone spare some change” while feeding the squirrels.


Something struck me as odd about this guy: though it sounds hugely dismissive to put into words. He seemed far to clean to be setting in the park begging from passers by, and the squirrels seemed to be doing better than he was – he was feeding them. I put a dollar into his cup, took his photo, and took a few of the squirrels as well, because they’re cute. I have visions of him going home to his wife with his profits from his morning in the park!

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