Surfing at Work?

This is a subject that’s close to my interest, since I am the “Internet Police” for my employer.

Shel Holtz reports on a New York case which seems to supporting the idea that the internet is a part of everyday life, and that trying to restrict it is unrealistic. In my own use, it’s quite hard to define what’s really business use, and what isn’t. Writing this is a classic example – I’m sat at my desk in the office, but understanding the legal implications of what we’re doing in monitoring web use is important. Am I goofing off, or just taking a few moments to reflect on a legal development that reflects on my job?

My attitude to this is very simple: if it weren’t for the technology, what would be the issue.

If I’d read the article at work and took a few minutes to make a note about it, no-one would care. The fact that I’m using the Internet suddenly makes it “goofing off” in the eyes of many. Oh the other hand, if I spent all day reading instead of Getting Stuff Done, or if I was reading porn at my desk, that would be unacceptable.

Despite being paid to make technology work, I’m fond of saying “it’s not about the technology”. That’s as true here as anywhere.

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